Manual vs Powered Ice Augers – Which are The Best?

I have a lot of friends who i go ice fishing with, but that advantage comes with downsides as well. Such as, for example, being in center of ice fishing related discussions and debates all the time. Very recent one i’ve heard was debate about whether hand ice augers were better and more convenient than gas or battery powered augers, and honestly, both sides had pretty interesting arguments. I personally use gas powered ice fishing auger because of its convenience, but i can see why other guys might want to consider manual or electric augers. I have also used the latter two many times, and know the flaws hand or/and electric augers have. Still, that doesn’t mean that gas powered augers are the best for ice fishing. All three of them have flaws and advantages.

By the way, i’m not professional ice fishing blogger by any means, and these are just my opinions. If you really want to find best ice auger, check out the website i suggested.

Personally, the thing i don’t like about electric ice augers is that technology is still amateur and undeveloped, and that inflates the prices of a product. Electric ice augers are not worth what some people pay for them. Their batteries sometimes can be unstable, and recharging them is whole another trouble. Sure, electricity powered augers have their advantages such as flawless starting, but i think it’s not worth paying hundreds of dollars more for. On the other hand, with augers that run on propane, sometimes you might have to pull several times and it sometimes still doesn’t start. As a guy who paid more than two hundred dollars for it, do i feel uncomfortable? Hell yes, but my gas powered ice auger’s flaws are not important enough for me to pay several hundred dollars to resolve them. Plus, if you are careful enough, you can definitely find best gas powered ice auger that won’t have same problems as mine.

Recharging batteries is also cheaper and more convenient than buying and carrying fuel with you wherever you go. On the other hand, because of their safe designs, safety is not an issue neither for propane ice augers or their electric counterparts.

Hand ice augers, on the other hand, are a lot cheaper than gas powered augers, and cost almost 10 times less than electric ice augers. It kind of makes sense, because manual ice augers don’t have motor or any other kind of advanced gadgets on them. Best ice auger will usually have sharp blades, and you have to do everything yourself. I would say that if you are amateur and rarely go ice fishing, hand ice augers are just perfect for you. Digging the holes through ice is a little frustrating, but nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, if you make a lot of holes on your ice fishing ventures, it’s better to invest couple of hundred dollars and get at least propane powered auger, because they will make your life so much easier. If you want to make sure that your ice auger starts right away after you pull it, electric ice augers are the ones for you.

There are few other things you need to know that stand for all kinds of ice augers out there. First of all, it’s a good idea to purchase auger that comes with replaceable blades, because even though companies make these augers to be pretty sharp, they still get rusty and their performance declines. So you always want to have a back up option such as new blades to install.

If you’ve decided to buy ice auger that runs on propane, make sure to get one with most efficient and powerful motor possible. It will save you money and time. Also make sure it’s long enough to cut through thick layer of ice. Some people buy ice auger only to realize that it’s too short for the lake they’re trying to dig a hole through. Read some ice auger reviews and check out local ice fishing communities in your state to find out how long of a blade you’ll need.

It also doesn’t hurt if ice auger is light and convenient to carry. You won’t be carrying it with your bare hands a lot, but having light auger is definitely a good idea.


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