Which one is cooler, ice fishing or hunting? – An amateur discussion

Me and three of my friends were having discussion on this topic last night, and i found it really interesting and entertaining, so decided to turn the arguments into a blog post. Personally, i’m huge lover of ice fishing and i’m not so crazy about hunting, but i did hear some very interesting points in favor of hunting last night.  So even though i’m still not convinced that hunting is the perfect hobby for me, i promise to be honest and provide arguments for both sides, so you, readers, can decide which one you like better.

My biggest concern with hunting was, and still is – safety. I’m not a guns person, so keeping and carrying around these weapons scares me. I know we’ve heard this before, and there are thousands of remedies to keep your guns safe, but i’m irrationally afraid of my kids screwing something up and hurting themselves. As opposed to ice fishing, which doesn’t involve any equipment that you can use to damage yourself. Well, there are ice augers and fishing hooks, which can be quite dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as the guns. As opposed to this, if you aren’t careful, you can hurt yourself by falling into the frozen lake, so i guess that evens out the dangers of guns. This one goes to neither.

Second main issue was the issue of cost of having these hobbies. For hunting, main expense is obviously cost of a gun. Good hunting guns can cost up to two or three thousand dollars, which to me, is just crahuntingzy high. On the other hand, even the best ice fishing rods cost less than hundred bucks. It is said though, that hunting is upper-class hobby, and looking at prices, that makes sense, but i don’t think it’s true, as southerners are inclined to hunting, and on average, they have less wealth than, NY or San Francisco. So that is kind of confusing, but fact remains the same – hunting can cost at least several thousand dollars. Ice fishing, on the other hand, is much more affordable. With great fishing shelters, boots, and warm clothing, even if you get the best brands, your expenses can’t top thousand dollars. Plus, shelters are for several people, so price should be split per person. Conclusion – ice fishing is way cheaper hobby to have, as opposed to hunting. I’m not even counting the time and energy you have to waste driving to your favorite hunting spots. This one obviously goes to ice fishing. So if you’re conscious about spending too much money on hobbies, go for ice fishing.

 But on the other hand, ice fishing one big flaw as well – it’s seasonal. You can only go ice fishing from november through january or february, but what happens then? During the warmer months, you have nothing to do for fun. So ice fishing can’t be the only hobby you have. Even though hunting has its limitations too, as there are only certain periods during which hunting is allowed, it’s much more consistent than ice fishing. So this one has to go to hunting.

 So to sum this up, between these two, i guess they’re both equally good. Take up whichever hobby you like, as long as you don’t spend all your free time watching tv, it’s up to you.

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