How to use Circular Saw? – Tutorial and Instructions

The Circular saw is very useful and important tool and is pretty simple to operate, but the user needs to know certain things before getting his or her hands on it, or otherwise, if accident happens, result can be deadly. Ignorance to security measures while operating these machines can cause serious injuries or worse, death. Circular saws are specifically used to cut all sorts of Plywood and other kinds of wood. Even the people who have a long experience of using these saws need to be very careful while working with them.

Following are some instructions that you need to follow when using a mini circular saw:

 First thing to do after getting your hands on new circular saw is to inspect the saw while it’s still turned off and carefully read all the instructions that came with it. If there are no instructions, find out the model number and look up the tutorial in internet. Every saw has trigger switches, a handle, and a casing motor. There are also other minor parts like the lever which can be used to cut the angles,  and there are also guards, which are present for the protection of spinning saw blades.
 Select the saw blade depending on what you need to cut. And install it to your saw, as it is probably mentioned in the manual or tutorial.
 Except for the saw itself, you’ll also need to set up the bench to cut properly.  Make sure you do not out them in the blade’s path.
 At last, measure the tape length and mark the various measurements with pencils, pens or anything else. And make sure that the lines created by you are straight, as they will be the only one that forms the cutting paths.
 The ear switches need to be worn by the operator and the saw needs to be kept at a distance of 1 inch. Now you can press and hold the switch on the handle of the saw. After the thing has been successfully cut you can release the trigger switch and before you keep the saw down the blades should stop rotating.

Some of the safety tips to follow while cutting the different materials:

 Always wear the eye protection because much like welding, protecting your eyes from dirt and dust is important when you are working with circular saws. You can use dust masks, respirators to avoid the dust from spoiling your eyes.
 It might sound very basic, but keep the machines unplugged while you are not using them and also while changing its blades. This prevents your tool from being rotated that can cause damage to the blade or chord.
 When unplugging the saw it’s also recommended to check its lower guard. This lower guard surrounds blade when they are not operating.
 Next, use blades of recommended depth only. While the instrument is disconnected blades need to deeply lock in the surface below them. The blades need to cut only bottom surfaces of the object.

You need to keep all the above tips and instructions in mind while using this saw to prevent any accidents. In addition, also read all manufacturer recommendations and guide books, as they are important, as well, while working with such powerful and dangerous tools.

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