How to Choose Best Ice Fishing Shanty

ice fishing gearIf you have a hobby that has to be done out in nature, you probably know that you need some kind of shelter to sleep during the nights. And ice fishing is no exception either. It’s basically essential for everyone interested to have good ice fishing shanty, or you might end up very cold. Good shelters are usually insulated to keep heat inside. You’ll just need a portable heater to heat it up and once it reaches your desired temperature, you can maintain it easily. Lakes rarely get windy, but when they do, you need a very durable ice fishing shelter that will resist strong winds. So, how do you get ice fishing shelter that will have your back, even in terrible weather? There are few core steps that you need to follow in order to choose best ice fishing shelters. Of course, you can read reviews like this and just get one of the products they have listed there, but I think blog post can’t predict which product will work best for you. Everyone has specific needs, and some products just won’t work for them, even though they work for everyone else. So with that said, let’s start by talking about the prices. It’s probably most obvious issue people have, because good ice fishing shelters aren’t cheap. But that’s for a reason, and that reason is that insulated ice fishing shanties aren’t easy and cheap to make. Especially, using high quality materials. And unfortunately, ice fishing shelters aren’t kind of products that you want to save money on. Because if you pick cheap product that doesn’t keep the heat in and doesn’t protect you from wind and rain, you are pretty much screwed. So read the online customer reviews and ratings carefully before making decision to buy any ice fishing shelter.

But it doesn’t mean that all cheap ice fishing shelters are bad. In fact, I have cheap ice fishing shelter myself and it’s perfectly fine. You are probably confused at this point, so let me clarify. Just like many other products, ice fishing shelters come in different sizes and extra features. Large shelters usually tend to cost a lot more than smaller ones. It also might not have fancy extra features, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for its main purpose – protecting you from the cold. There are two types of shelters that most people use, one being hub style shelters, and flip style is the another. So what’s the difference? Hub style ice fishing shanties are usually much larger than the other one, but they tend to cost more as well. Ice fishing shanty of mine is flip style, and there are few reasons why I like it more than the hub style shelters. First of all, setting it up takes very little time. Second, it was a lot cheaper than the hub style ones. I saved more than hundred dollars, so I figured why not. It has some flaws too, like the limited space. You can’t use it for more than one or two people, but I didn’t plan to do so anyway. Best flip style ice fishing shelters like mine usually come with extra seat as well, which is really great because you usually have to buy them separately anyway. It saves you around 50$, but you will still need some money to buy portable heater and other minor accessories. And that doesn’t conclude the buying list. You have to have so much stuff in order to fish properly. So be prepared to waste most of your salary on these, but I recommend looking at some used stuff as well. It’s great way to save money, and some used ice fishing shelters look like they’re completely new.

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