Choosing leggings during your pregnancy

Ladies who are in the ‘mommy-way’ know how hard it is to find the right balance between comfort and style while dressing every day. Add to that, an ever-growing body, hormonal changes, peckish desires and cravings and you have the perfect recipe for a stressful pregnancy. As you approach your term, there is bound to be soreness in the lower back areas, muscle pain due to baby weight, and strain on your legs and knees. But even though you’re carrying a precious life with you, there is no need to sacrifice style and personal expression in pursuit of comfort and homeliness. Be the best mommy-to- be with your fashion statements and the best pregnancy leggings at your disposal.

With hundreds of styles of maternity leggings available out there, we’ve tried to boil down some of the key must-haves, to help you choose what’s best for you.Maternity-clothes-for-autumn-winter-2012-2013-587x686

#1: Feeling comfortable of course!
‘A girl has to suffer for fashion’ is a common saying, but a mother should not. It goes without saying that feeling comfortable in your dress and skin leads to a healthy mental state, irrespective of being an expectant mommy. Staying comfortable during your trimesters, helps you keep a positive attitude and reduces anxiety.
Leggings help support your babyweight, keep you warm and cozy, go with most tunics and maternity tops. They’re almost a mandate in a maternity wear closet. While choosing leggings, it’s best to opt for fabrics that are stretchy, but firm and hold their shape. The material should also be light weight, snug, breathable, and not itchy.
Cotton and cotton blends are widely recommended as they are natural fabrics and allow for moisture and sweat evaporation. Fabrics like Lycra and spandex are stretchable and snap back to shape.

#2. Style and Fit

Leggings are available in a variety of prints, colors, and sizes to suit your body and belly type. Ill-fitting leggings could result in discomfort, bad circulation, and lack of back or belly support. Pick leggings depending on the kind of support your body needs. Some leggings offer support bands over and below the belly and matt finished seat to cover your derriere.
When it comes to style, like we’ve said, there are a plethora of choices. From plaid to print, color block to abstracts, skinny fits to plus size, maternity leggings draw eyes to the beauty that is, an expectant mother. Some of them can even be worn after delivery, making them multi-functional maternal wear.
If the legging fabric is sheer or too thin, they can be worn beneath slacks and baggy pants if the weather gets colder. Thicker and warmer leggings can be worn on their own accompanied by a stylish frock-top or blouse.

#3. Quality and Reusability

If you think your little bundle of joy could be a big brother or a big sister someday, you might want to save your maternity clothes. However, if the elastic is worn out due to weather or inferior quality fabric, or if the material is frayed, you would need to reinvest in leggings again. Make sure that you pick the best quality leggings so that they last you a long time. A few styles of leggings come with belly pockets that accommodate the various growth stages of your baby-bump.
Even if you would like to buy new leggings to keep up with the latest trends, donating your old leggings, brings a smile to a family that can ill afford it. Giving good quality leggings that have plenty of wear left in them, is a charitable deed that fills you with warmth.